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mobile recipe training demonstrations to South Florida’s food deserts

BAN Productions takes its mobile recipe training demonstrations to South Florida’s food deserts, which are neighborhoods where affordable and nutritious food is not readily accessible

Like much of the country, Florida’s population patterns and land use are very diverse, ranging from high-density urban areas to low-density rural areas. Food insecurity occurs in urban and rural areas alike. A recent study commissioned by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services found that access to quality retail grocers is strongly linked to a variety of diet-related health outcomes.

Families living more than a half-mile from the nearest full-service grocer and without access to a car are more likely to suffer from diabetes, diet-related cancers, stroke and liver disease. This map of Florida shows the 100 rural and 100 urban areas where the study suggests that efforts to increase access to healthy foods can dramatically improve public health.

Florida Census Tracts Where Improved Food Access Can Substantially Improve Diet-Related Health Outcomes

Food insecurity occurs in urban and rural areasBAN Productions uses its mobile kitchens to hold recipe training demonstrations where the research shows they are most needed.

In this way, we strive to reach the people in our communities for whom nutritional education and improved access to healthy food can truly make a difference.

BAN Productions encourages you to learn more about the problem of food insecurity and strategies for improving food security in your community.