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What is Food Insecurity vs Hunger?

What is Food Insecurity vs Hunger?

According to USDA studies there is a clear delineation which can be summarized as such:

Food Insecurity is a personal condition created by limited or inaccessible means to sufficient food because of social or economic circumstances whereas; Hunger is a personal physiological condition that may result from the condition of food insecurity.

USDA labels of Food Insecurity help describe ranges of food security based on a December 2015 survey by the ERS, USDA, CPSFSS which measured responses to a series of questions and response factors:

Food Secure

  1. High Food Security– no reports of food access limitations or challenges.
  2. Marginal Food Security– one or two responses of anxiety over sufficient food in the house although minimal reports of changes in dietary intake.

Food Insecure

  1. Low Food Security– reported reductions in the availability and intake of food quality, variety or dietary preferences although minimally reduced consumption.
  2. Very Low Food Security– multiple disruptions to eating patterns and consumption therefore suffering the condition of hunger.

food insecurity vs hunger

BAN Productions through their programming and partnerships work to diminish the number of communities and persons who exist in the Food Insecure classification within urban and rural areas.

Our BAN Events are poignantly focused on providing sustainable access to fresh food for communities with rescued fresh surplus farm product and diverting it from the waste stream in the form of recipe grocery giveaways, educational events for processing surplus fresh ingredients in the form of community recipe training according to USDA MyPlate guidelines, and measuring the health benefits for participants by working with local health professionals and partners who assess the BAN program in direct correlation to improved nutritional intake.

We urge you to join our BAN movement by planting the seeds of nutrition and health in communities by contacting john@banproductions.org.

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