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Sustainable Recipe Solutions Increasing Food Security

BAN Productions’ partnership communities are beginning to harvest nutrition and food security for their families by planting the seeds of regularly scheduled BAN events which offer recipe trainings and grocery distributions utilizing agricultural foods diverted from the waste stream.

highlight the growth and impact of a BAN partnership within a community:

  • 1 Community Partner up to 2 Community Partners
  • 1 BAN Event per month up to 1 BAN Event per week
  • 75 families trained per month now up to more than 400 families trained per month in recipe skills and USDA meal planning
  • 300 persons fed per month up to more than 1,600 persons fed per month through BAN grocery distributions
  • 750 pounds of agricultural food up to more than 4,000 pounds of agricultural food diverted from the waste stream

BAN Events are sprouting as a proven sustainable resource to nourish communities with lifestyle choices for healthy living and a social responsibility by creating meal recipes from agricultural products destined for the waste stream!


solutions increasing food security

BAN Productions founder, John Rossetti, can be seen speaking with fellow Food Sustainability innovators at the Miami Seed Food and Wine Festival’s Food Forward event on Friday November 4, 2016.

We urge you to join our BAN movement by planting the seeds of nutrition and health in communities by contacting john@banproductions.org.

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