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recipe training

BAN recipe training gives people the confidence and skills to prepare their family meals using fresh ingredients everyday

prepare fresh foodsimprove food security in floridaBAN Productions is committed to teaching people how to use and prepare fresh foods as a strategy to fight hunger and improve food security. Our cooking demonstrations are grounded in the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy life.

We educate participants about:

  1. Their daily nutritional needs
  2. How a healthy diet helps fight disease
  3. How to properly handle and prepare different ingredients
  4. How to plan meals around fresh and nutritious ingredients
  5. How to prepare a balanced meal
  6. How shared meals nourish and nurture families and communities

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Our mobile kitchens can go wherever they are needed. To request an event in your neighborhood, send an email to: info@banproductions.org or call 305.680.5999.

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We teach people how to use and prepare a wide variety of fresh ingredientsDonate Today