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improving food security Donate

Nearly 786,000 individuals are struggling with food insecurity in South Florida today. Statewide, 3.1 millions Floridians, including 1.1 million children, don’t have enough food for an active, healthy life. The rate of food insecurity is much higher in children than in adults.

A growing number of our neighbors in South Florida are turning to emergency food assistance to feed their families. In recent years, the Florida Association of Food Banks has reported that its members are distributing food at disaster levels. This situation will continue even as the economy grows as long as household income remains static.

florida food assistanceBAN Productions helps improve food security by teaching people how to use and prepare the kinds of fresh ingredients that are regularly available from food banks. We create recipes using the available ingredients provided by our network of suppliers, which are often unfamiliar or intimidating.

People who attend a BAN Productions recipe training demonstration learn how to prepare a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal according to the USDA My Plate guidelines. They leave the demonstration with the food they cooked as well as a bag of groceries containing all of the ingredients needed to replicate the meal at home.

BAN Productions encourages you to learn more about the problem of food insecurity and strategies for improving food security in your community.